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There are well over 200 factors which Google will consider when a user types in a search query in order to show the most relevant and useful information as quickly as possible. One major factor in Google’s search algorithm is the presence of quality backlinks.

The term ‘link building’ is an old and somewhat incorrect statement, as the best links to get are links which are earned due to an incredible content marketing and SEO strategy working hand in hand.
Sure, there are manual aspects to gaining links and elements of ‘building’ links BUT – does anything that is easy and quick to ‘build’ offer any quality?

Backlinks remain to be an essential Google ranking factor and through innovation and improvements, Google has managed to weed out and ignore low-quality backlinks. We monitor a metric known as Domain Rating (DR) which is a score out of 100 that indicates the overall trust, authority and strength of your website.


In general, the higher your Domain Rating, the more your website will rank for core search terms. Gaining quality backlinks will increase your Domain Rating over time but, it is a ‘quality over quantity’ approach.

What is a Backlink/External Link

A backlink is when a separate third-party website places a clickable link to your webpage on their own website. In the eyes of search engines, a backlink is considered a vote of confidence. This is why it is essential to craft a well researched and focused Off Page Link Building Strategy in order to gain quality backlinks from high quality and trusted websites.

It is important to know who is linking to your website, as the wrong kind of backlinks will hurt your website rankings. Backlinks coming from low-quality websites or websites which are completely irrelevant to your niche can cause drops in online rankings and even a Google penalty.

Gaining a large number of quality backlinks which point to your website will boost your website authority, trust as well as online credibility. In turn, you will start to see an increase in both quality organic traffic as well as organic keyword rankings.

Example of a healthy Link Building campaign with quality referring websites:example of link building in Off Page SEOThe Link Building Process


Link acquisition and Off Page SEO is one of the toughest elements of SEO, which requires intense planning and strategy by using quality digital assets to create, attract and acquire the best backlinks for your business.

In the world of the web – you are who you link to, so, you better know what type of backlinks you have pointing to your website. Too many times we have seen dodgy SEO companies buy thousands of backlinks or take part in questionable practices to get you links.

This is why we also run full backlink profile audits and toxic link analysis to understand exactly who is linking to you and if their link is one that will benefit your business or not. By auditing your competitor’s backlink profiles, we craft bespoke strategies to gain the advantage of your competition in all aspects.

‘It is easier to be real than to fake being real’.
– Matt Cutts

The Benefits of Link Building for your Website

The primary benefit is to boost website traffic and to be more visible online.

What Does a dedicated Off-Page link acquisition strategy look like in a nutshell?

  • Current backlink profile analysis
  • Toxic link analysis
  • Competitor backlink profile and analysis
  • Craft quality prospect list 'hit list' for outreach
  • Daily action plan with due dates and deliverables
  • Incredible digital assets to use as leverage for quality backlinks
  • Social Media presence and online networking
  • Analysing any broken links or pages
  • Weekly backlink analysis & measurement
  • Manual penalty checks
  • Monitoring for negative SEO attacks

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