Content curation is an alternative way of presenting interesting information to your target audience. Contrary to content creation, which involves developing content from scratch, curation involves bringing together content that has already been created. There are many benefits to curating content, including greater savings on cost and resources.


What is content curation?


In simple words, content curation is sharing content created by other people. You are curating content when you present an infographic with its source specified to your target audience on your social media pages or other online channels.


Understanding content curation


Content curation may seem like content aggregation, which is simply collecting information from various sources. Curation, on the other hand, is a more refined concept that involves more creativity, efforts and a deeper knowledge of what your target audience likes.


Content curation involves the use of only select information. The process involves categorizing copious information available online and choosing chunks that are relevant and engaging for your audience. To be effective, curation must include relevant, credible, crisp, easy-to-understand and high-quality content.


The key factor that differentiates curation from the mere content collection is the unique narrative you give to the content. The way you present curated content conveys your company’s ethics, content standards, perspective and your ability to create unforgettable content experiences for your audiences.


Curation represents the difference between reading a story as it is to your kid from a book to enacting it for your child with all the essential emotions, which makes the content more interesting and impressive.


When done in an expert manner, content curation imparts a different look to existing content, which makes it new and interesting for the audience. In a way, this “refurbished” content will be an original, given its fresh presentation and perspective.


Content curation benefits


  • A great alternative for content-deprived marketers – Companies may not, sometimes, have the budget or the resources to create content for their marketing strategies. Content curation can be of immense benefit to such companies as it brings the marketing power of content without the need for dedicated resources.
  • Brings cost benefits for businesses – Even businesses that have an efficient content marketing process in place can benefit by including content curation in their content strategy. With curation, they can reduce costs and time required for researching topics, creating content, editing, promoting and updating them regularly.


This efficiency of saving time, costs and resources can be especially valuable during the initial stages of content creation when marketers are trying out different topics to engage with audiences. There could be innumerable topics, and obviously, one cannot create them all.


You can create content on the most important topics while keeping conversations with your audience alive and engaging with well-thought-out curated content.


A focus on content curation does not mean traditional content creation is not worth it. A judicious balance of both can be a great marketing strategy; it is the difference between having to do all tasks by yourself and having an expert hand to take care of specific tasks so that you can complete the remaining with greater efficiency.


  • Sets you apart – Consumers today are not short of information. In fact, they have more than they require. What they are looking for is credible information that they can depend on to make decisions on matters important to them. With content curation, you are making it easy for your audience to find and use information. When you give them the best content consistently, your audience will start relying more on you, which sets your brand apart from competitors.
  • Improves brand image – When you curate content, you are sharing other people’s content and giving them credit for it, meaning you are promoting the other party. This transparency and the attitude to give audiences the content they like even though it is from another source, conveys how important audience engagement is to you. You not only increase brand awareness in the process but also convey a positive brand image that believes in collaboration and transparency for betterment.
  • Builds better customer relations – When you are investing time and efforts to give the audience what they like, not just once, but constantly, they can feel the sincerity. It inspires trust and loyalty in them, leading to new customer relationships and strengthening of existing relationships.
  • Facilitates better content marketingContent marketing is an indispensable marketing strategy. Content curation can quicken marketing results when combined with traditional content methods.


With curation, you are adding new content regularly. By giving your personal perspective to the curated content, you are increasing its value. These factors make your content appealing to search engines, which increases your chances of ranking better on search engines. The result could be increased web/blog traffic, better engagement, or more conversions, depending on your marketing objective.


Tips for growing your brand with content curation


  • Know what your audience likes – This is basic but worth a mention. For curated content to be successful, it is crucial that it meets your audience’s content needs and caters to the tone in which they like the content. If your audience is more interested in hardcore stats, then it makes more sense to give them an infographic than several lines of dull text. Similarly, a pet company could benefit more from videos and images than a plain infographic. It is important to experiment with content to understand what your audience likes. Curate content consistently and analyze the results. Content that shows low engagement constantly can be an indicator that your audience is not happy with it.
  • Even better, know what your audience detests– Curating content that your audience regards as offensive, is the easiest way to alienate them. It is perhaps more important to know what they do not like even before you know what they like. Many people are put off by content that makes fun of, or portrays rudely, people of certain geographical or sexual orientation. Treat everyone equal and share some harmless fun. When you do want to make fun of something, do so with your own brand. It shows you are sportive and confident enough to laugh at yourself.
  • Include images and video content for greater engagement – Funny videos and high-quality images are more likely to be seen, liked and shared. When you share such content on social media, it has the potential to become viral, which benefits both you and the original content creator.
  • Be consistent in your curating style – The unique voice you lend to your content curation should not change. Your audiences show interest in your content because of the unique presentation that comes with it. Little tweaks and turns may be fine, but changing curation’s core style more often than not backfires.



Content curation, when implemented sensibly, can be a great boost to your marketing strategy. It can build your brand power, increase your social media following and generate more leads and sales.



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