Do you need content tips to resuscitate your website’s traffic? Or are you looking for guidance on how to launch a website from scratch with good traffic generated from day one? Did someone tell you that writing a numerous amount of blogs will automatically put you in front of the content marketing race?

While blogs are a great form of content to put on your website, content marketing is more than just writing a lot of them. The most basic suggestions are to make the content valuable, relevant, and consistent. It then needs to be marketed strategically to bring a clearly defined audience to your website. Well-qualified leads are what gets converted into your business’s revenue.

Content marketing does not have to be tough. If you’d like to know more about how to create ranking content, here are seven proven content strategies that increase your website’s organic traffic.


Content Tip #1 Dominate your content with long-tail keywords


Anyone who has read about content marketing knows that the first of many content tips is to ‘stuff keywords’. However, with everyone giving the same advice, all of us seem to be following it. But many still fail to get the desired results and can’t seem to figure out where they went wrong.

When you are trying to generate traffic for, say, your furniture business, it might seem logical to rank all your content for the keyword ‘furniture’. However, isn’t that what all furniture businesses with an online presence are doing?

Here is the greatest content tip of all- instead of trying to rank your content for the keyword ‘furniture’, identify a long-tail keyword for your content. How do you identify a long-tail keyword? Name your business’s key selling items. Let’s suppose that the vintage garden recliner, modern fireplace loveseat, and oakwood dark brown bookshelf are your hottest items.

Now, create a good amount of content that ranks for these keywords. This not only drives more relevant organic traffic to your website but also reduces the cost per click.


Content Tip #2 Create listicles with a long shelf-life


We love coming across listicles. It’s easier to read a blog titled, ‘5 fresh summer beach party ideas’ than something like, ‘Beach party ideas for the summer season’. Hey, this is a listicle blog too!

Come up with fun yet valuable headings that will attract the attention of a reader. This, however, is just one part of it. The second part is to write content that has a long shelf-life. Do not focus on the latest trends that are about to change in the coming months. Such material would stay on your website but lose its relevance after a year.


Content Tip #3 Follow the FAB model (Feature-Advantage-Benefit)


This is another one of those ‘content tips that actually bring results’. Model your content to ring bells with readers and show them how your product or service is better than the others. Do not make it salesy. Mention the features of your product, followed by its advantages, and end it with the benefits to the buyer. It does not have to sound mechanical and boring. String your sentences with eye-catching terms, and you will have readers with a keen interest in your product.


Content Tip #4 Recycle your content in other forms


Blogs are not the only content form you can use. Recycle your write-ups as e-books, podcasts, webinars, infographics, product reviews, interviews, customer case studies, testimonials, guides, and videos. This gives your readers multiple platforms to find your merchandise on. You also get numerous channels to market your offering.


Content Tip #5 Complement your content with a visual asset


Merely throwing a lot of words can look bland and boring. It is essential to generate enthusiasm in the reader, and visual assets are a great way to do so.

If you have a 1500-word blog post, make sure to add at least three or four pictures or illustrations along with a featured image. You can also create and attach videos for relevant topics that do not have to be in full HD. Just curate a short animation clip to pique enough interest amongst viewers.

You can also opt for infographics. Both videos and infographics can be circulated on various social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, etc. This spreads out your brand name to a broader audience.


Content Tip #6 Create ‘How to’ content


Buyers no longer want you to bore them and waste their time. They need quick answers to their problems. But with speed, they also want to make sure that the solution is the best in the market. For this purpose, create ‘How to’ content.

People are now asking Google-specific and targeted questions, like ‘How to increase my Mac’s speed’, ‘How to plan a wedding shower’, and ‘How to find the cheapest flights’. Devise such content in the form of blogs, infographics, e-books, and even videos.


Content Tip #7 Wrap up with a Call To Action (CTA)


Call To Action (CTA) buttons are deceptively powerful. You are throwing bait in front of your readers for them to catch and stay on your website. Make sure to one CTA in every form of content you publish on your website. It can be anything from ‘Download E-book’ and ‘Register Now’ to even a simple ‘Further Reading’.




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