Proximity to a particular service increases the chances of that service being bought. Nowadays, we increasingly look for ‘near me’ services on Google. Whether it is a Google search query such as ‘supermarket near me’ or ‘doctor near me,’ being closer to a service or product makes it more accessible. This is why businesses need to start advertising online in a way that they not only cater to a global market but also the local market. SEO (Search engine optimization) helps you get noticed more on the Web. When you wish to be spotted by the local market more, you need to start optimizing your website for local SEO as soon as possible.


What is Local SEO?


Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimization will help you rank higher on ‘near me’ queries on Google or queries that have a location added to them. At times, local SEO can also help you become visible in alternate search areas, such as Google Maps. For example, “Advertising agency in Johannesburg.” Local SEO for businesses helps websites gain more visibility with the local audience and is exceptionally powerful for small and medium-sized businesses looking to cater to their local market. Click To Tweet The benefits of local SEO are manifold. Read on to understand the six benefits that you can get if you start optimizing for local SEO.


Six benefits of optimizing your business for local SEO


1. Boosting your business’ local SEO helps gain more visibility


When you boost your business’ local SEO, Google starts ranking you on top of not just normal searches but also the ‘near me’ searches and other location-based searches. So, if someone is looking for ‘Coffee shop in Cape Town’ or ‘Coffee shop near me,’ your coffee shop will be one of the first few suggestions that they see on Google. This helps you reach a wider audience, and thus, expands your customer base eventually, increasing the number of customers that pay for your services or products.


2. Local SEO helps you stay ahead of your competitors


In a time when everyone is focused on getting an international customer base and increasing chances of purchases worldwide, local SEO can help you shift focus closer to home and tap into an unexplored market. You will stay ahead of your competitors who are yet not considering marketing to a local market. Local SEO will put you at the forefront of a local customer base, and you might be able to easily get in on the many customers who are interested in buying from your business.


3. Your expenditure on paid channels will reduce with local SEO


Businesses invest in paid channels when they are looking to grow their customer base and find new leads. Local SEO can do the same for you without you having to spend a lot on paid channels. This low investment method will allow you to increase visibility to more people in the local market, thus reducing the heavy expenditures made on paid channels such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. You need to continuously keep paying in these channels if you want to maintain the results, but the results of local SEO are evergreen.


4. Local SEO puts you in multiple places


Local SEO increases your visibility not just on the first page of Google search but in many more places. Nowadays, people directly search for places or services in local listings or even on Google Maps. When your business is highly optimized for local SEO and the information is well-structured, Google starts to show you in places such as local listings and on Google Maps as well. Thus, local SEO can put you in multiple places and increase your chances of being noticed by customers.


5. Ranking high with local SEO helps you gain credibility


People usually trust the first thing Google has to say. Likewise, if you are ranking high on Google search, people tend to believe that your services are definitely better than the others down below on the list. People will consider you a leader in your niche and will tend to make purchases from you more than your competitors. This is why local SEO helps you gain credibility and trust with people who are searching for your services on Google.


6. Local SEO benefits your customers and makes their customer journey easier


Building trust with your potential customers is extremely important if you want them to make purchases from you for long. This trust is built when you show your potential customers that you care for their needs and have done a lot of homework to make sure that they get the best services and deals. When you rank high on Google search (thanks to local SEO) for niche queries such as ‘Florists in Port Elizabeth under $5,’ your customers know that you have built a niche buyer’s persona to cater to every need they might have.


Local SEO is still an untapped area of SEO, and optimizing your business website for the same can help you in many different ways as mentioned above. Aiming closer to home can help you get more customers at lowered costs of acquisition as opposed to getting customers from all over the globe at high values of investments. Moreover, the added benefits of local SEO, such as improved credibility and listings on Google Maps, makes it a win-win situation for you.



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