A study shows that around 3.5 billion people use social media. Click To Tweet That’s around 50% of the current world population. Gone are the days when social media wasn’t considered anything more than a platform for staying in touch. Businesses use social media to engage their target audience and market their products and services. Brands spend hundreds of thousands (and even millions)  every year to create or revamp their social media marketing strategy. To unleash the power of social media marketing, businesses periodically launch social media marketing campaigns.


Social media campaigns: An overview


Social media campaigns are designed by brands to reinforce or help with a business goal (can be improving sales performance or increasing engagement) through one or more social media platforms. Social media campaigns help increase brand awareness, build brand value, improve brand loyalty and generate traffic. Goals of a social media campaign must be clearly defined and measurable. SMEs and newbies who do not have a substantial fan following must consider joining hands with different marketing channels. At the end of the campaign, the campaign management team must conduct a post-campaign analysis, comparing performance to standards.


Best social media campaigns of 2019


Creating a social media campaign is an involved task. You need to consider every factor at play. Even a single, seemingly innocuous error can send your business down the wrong path. To create an impactful campaign that is aligned with your business goals, you need to observe and learn from the best. With this thought in mind, let’s take a look at some impactful social media campaigns in 2019 that you can learn from.



#GlowingGlowingGone is a social media campaign by Pantone in association with Adobe. The objective of the campaign is to raise awareness of the decline of coral reefs due to climate change. As a part of the campaign, Pantone announced Living Colour as the colour of 2019. The design platform introduced a new colour line named Glowing, Glowing, Gone. It draws inspiration from the vibrant colours created by coral reefs as a direct response to heatwaves caused due to climate change. For this campaign, Pantone used three colours- Glowing Yellow, Glowing blue, and Glowing Purple, developed in collaboration with Adobe and The Ocean Agency.



#Show Us was created by Dove in association with Getty Images and Girlgaze. This powerful campaign aimed at encouraging people to embrace the idea of inclusive beauty. The influential campaign drove home the point that every woman, irrespective of her skin tone or facial characteristics, is beautiful. The campaign involved creating a call to action button that women from different parts of the world can use to share the images of themselves on social media platforms. Around 179 women from 39 countries participated in the campaign. The photo library created for the campaign includes 5,000-plus photographs of women with skin conditions, trans-women, plus-size women and diverse women.


Dream Crazier

Dream Crazier by Nike attempts to dispel sexist stereotypes. Launched just before the International Woman’s Day this year, the campaign picks up from where Nike’s 2018 Dream Crazy campaign left off. Dream Crazier encourages women to chase their seemingly impossible dreams. To motivate women, the campaign utilizes training videos of professional women athletes, including Simone Biles and Simona Halep, and amateur athletes such as Freedom Prep Rugby, Daysha DelValle and Freedom Prep Rugby. The campaign features inspiring stories of women athletes, such as Manal Rostom, who aspires to become the first Egyptian to participate in six marathons and scale the seven highest mountain peaks in the world.



When Gillette decided to join the #MeToo conversation, it felt the need to focus the attention on male behaviour, which saw the birth of the #TheBestMenCanBe campaign. To communicate its commitment to driving change, Gillette used videos of male advocates, leaders and mentors coaching young boys within their community what it means to be a real man. Gillette has also pledged to donate $3 million to different NGOs working to reshape men’s attitude on gender equality, helping them get one step closer to becoming the best version of themselves.



Earlier this year, NASA launched its #Moon2024 campaign to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its historic Apollo 11 Moon mission. When #Moon2024 started trending, Moonpie was quick to capitalize on the opportunity by launching its own campaign, #MoonPieToTheMoon2024. The campaign was a part of Moonpie’s attempt to get NASA to take its space-inspired snack to the moon.



Created by Dove in association with Twitter, #SpeakBeautful attempts to help women understand how the words that they use on social media impact their self-esteem and confidence. As a part of the campaign, Dove posted a video showing how insulting comments on people’s photographs have a domino effect. In a show conducted during the Academy Awards pre-show, Dove, with Twitter’s help, identified negative tweets related to body image and responded to these tweets urging people to think twice before posting a negative comment.



How to create a successful social media campaign?


Follow these tips for a successful social media campaign:


  • Clearly define your goals and expected outcomes.
  • Use keywords you’d like to rank socially.
  • Support your campaigns with affordable email campaigns, Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads.
  • Use a campaign-specific landing page.
  • Get influencers on-board.
  • Learn everything there is to know about your preferred platform, including its promotional rules.





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