Tackling the digital world with a good and solid content marketing strategy is no easy task. However, it doesn’t have to be rocket science either. Content marketing has been all the buzz for a long time now, but many companies aren’t able to reap its vast benefits well. This is because when you do things without analyzing what works best for your business, the content marketing strategy would never work. There will always be a disconnect in such scenarios. Here are some content marketing tips for you to figure out what exactly you are missing out on.


What is content marketing?


Content marketing is a strategic long-term marketing approach with the main focus to distribute valuable and consistent content in a way to build a strong relationship with your target audience or with buyer’s persona that is most relevant to your business. The idea of a consistent and relevant content marketing strategy for a long-term basis is to keep telling genuine and valuable stories to your target audience about the products and to drive leads to make purchases.

Content marketing is not tough, but it can be tricky. Learning what works best for your business can take time, and even then, you will have to keep changing your content marketing strategy to stay relevant in the current market and against all competitors.

Read on to find the five things that could be missing from your content marketing strategy and how you can make the most out of them.


1. Include relevant content and not just quality content (there’s a difference!)


‘Post and promote high-quality content’ is the first tip anyone gives you to build a strong case of content marketing strategy. The problem might not be in the matter of whether you have high-definition photos and videos and whether your content has zero grammatical and punctuation mistakes. The issue lies in whether the high-quality content that you are generating and promoting is relevant to the audience or not.

The needs of your customers should be the centre of your content marketing strategy, and you need to produce content that is most relevant to them for a long period of time. Figure out ways to understand how your product is relevant to the customer base and what content works best to target those needs.


2. Create multidimensional buyer’s personas and ask your customers


The best way to get something is to just ask for it. Get personal and interactive with your customers and ask them questions on social media. You could run an Instagram campaign and ask them what they would want more from your product and how they have been using your product in multiple ways. Centring your content marketing strategy around customers is the key here.

This helps you get data directly from your customers and also helps you build multidimensional buyer’s personas. When your buyer’s persona is one-dimensional, you can never figure out how to branch to other facets and grow. Looking in multiple directions and chalking out different ways how you can help your customers solve their problems will help you get more relevant with your customer base.


3. Do not neglect paid channels because you believe content marketing should be free


Many businesses believe that there is no such thing as a marketing budget, and it cannot be proved beneficial for a company. They believe content marketing should always be free, and the best content marketing strategies are the ones that give you back great results by putting no money into it. However, you cannot build something out of nothing, and it is high time you start investing in content marketing as well.

Tapping into paid channels of promotions and advertising can help you target a niche audience for whom your product is highly relevant. Your content gets more eyeballs and is distributed well to help you build a stronger customer base. Remember, a content marketing strategy is a strategic approach to promotions and marketing and tapping into paid channels helps you keep the strategy part of ‘content strategy’ strong.


4. Try alternatives of content other than just written content


A solid content marketing strategy does not need to have only written content in it to function great. There are several forms of content you should look into and include multiple alternatives and see what works best for you. Are your customers reacting well to well-produced videos, or do they respond better to perfectly framed photos? Are your customers engaging with the long Instagram captions you write, or can they be eliminated?

You will only know the answers to these questions when you try them out. There could be something as small as missing relevant pictures in your newsletters that could bring you more customers if improved upon. Visual content is a big part of content marketing strategy. In a time when people do not have a lot of time to engage with one another, it is high time for you to grab their attention with visual content.


5. Make sure to include at least one CTA in every content piece you post


You have highly optimized your content for SEO, your photos and videos are of high quality, you are targeting multiple buyer’s personas, and you are advertising on multiple channels; however, you do not see a significant result for your efforts. Ever wondered whether you are giving your customers a helping hand and pushing them towards the purchase or not?

Your customers should have a smooth journey towards the check-out page of your website, and providing at least one CTA (Call To Action) can help. You need to make sure that your customers know what to do next now that they have engaged with your content and are interested in your product. Ask them to fill in their contact details. Something as simple as displaying your contact info in bold and bright colours can work great too.




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